Thursday, 11 August 2011

Progression Succession


I'v got to boast that the new gallery is gleaming! I've spent the past few days painting, cleaning and promoting The Incident Room, hard work but what fun! Today we received works from exhibiting artist NME from the 'Artists Anonymous' collective - he's a very eager beaver! I got a bit too excited over one of his artworks and quite fancy it for myself! 

Tomorrow I shall be polishing the vast and gorgeous wooden floor, getting it all finished in time for the next arrival..Tracey Page will be installing her Venus Sculpture.

We've also had some great news today!! The private view will now take place on Thursday 18th August at 6pm. AND...The Incident Room will be officially declared open to the public by a very speciaL guest! Excited much?!

We are in the process of sorting flyers which are being designed by Hollis, one of the exhibiting artists who has kindly offered his skills!  More details of that when it arrives. 

Watch this Art-space!

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